XS is located in downtown Rochester, Michigan, just north of Detroit. XS features tattooing by Matt Hessler, Chase, Steve Sype, & Robby Soulliere, as well as piercing by Rich Hartwick of Adornment Deluxe. XS offers state of the art custom tattooing & body piercing in a clean, sanitary, comfortable environment. We also carry an extensive array of body piercing jewelry, from steel and titanium captives, barbells, & nostril screws to large gauge organic plugs, spirals, & one of a kind hand carved jewelry.

XS News

We’re pleased to welcome Robby Soulliere to the XS family!  He's been making beautiful tattoos @ XS since September of last year; check out his portfolio in the gallery.  In other shop news, we’re excited to announce a new sister shop, Iconic Tattoo, which will be opening in midtown Detroit later in 2014.  The shop will be located in a newly renovated 1920’s era building in the Chinatown area of Detroit's storied Cass Corridor.  Please follow the link to the Iconic website for more info, timelines, etc!

Shop Hours

Monday - Saturday.......12pm - 9pm